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United Recovery Solutions International collection and receivable management expertise reaches to every part of the globe.

Delivering a World of Results
Delivering a World of Results

Collections by a Professional Collection Agency

United Recovery Solutions Inc. is an experienced business collections specialist. We help you collect outstanding invoices: your cash flow improves, you retain your customer relationships and you are relieved of a time-consuming process.

Our collection team never makes decisions or takes measures without your knowledge. We act in your interest, so together we determine what is necessary to obtain payment. Sometimes what is required is tact and diplomacy; at other times more pressure must be exerted, by telephone or written demands for example. Your business is our priority and we always ensure that you are provided with a collection strategy that suits your internal credit management, commercial vision and budget needs.

Thanks to United Recovery Solutions Inc., you receive your funds faster. Our reputation and position as one of the most respected debt collection firms gives us extra leverage. Debtors know us. They know that failure to pay will damage their creditworthiness and purchasing power.

All collection activities and results achieved can be reported directly thru E Collections, our debt collection software system. You are always up to date with the situation and can count on a quick and fully-fledged collection service.

If you would like to become a client of United Recovery Solutions Inc. today, you are immediately ensured of a thorough and efficient collection procedure. We collect fast. And to keep the momentum going, you can become a client NOW online and immediately hand over your outstanding claims to us.

Collections are handled on a contingent collection basis—no collection no charge.